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ASS (Application Scoring System)

Determines whether a new customer is good or bad based on the customer's general information provided in the loan (or credit card) application and his/her financial information. The measures are estimated at the point of application process.
is used in the screening and approval tactics of credit loans, providing grounds for determining reasonable interest rate and credit limit for each applying customer.

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Application Strategy
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Filtering Strategy

A basic strategy that aims to minimize risks when determining whether a customer group is good or bad, by pre-screening the group with higher default rate. This strategy is applied to almost every existing strategy. In general, the ground for determining bad customer group can be classified into i) items that reflects professional experience, ii) items selected by data analysis, and iii) features for bads in accordance with strategic characteristics.

Marketing Strategy

Selects primary items based on professional experience and reflects them in the strategy.
The goal is to maximize strategic effect and to establish infrastructure for marketing strategy, which ultimately leads to profit maximization.

Cut-off Strategy

Strategy carried out during on-wire or offline consultation for real-time assessment of automatic approval/denial or conditional approval for loan decision, based on customer credit ratings.
This strategy can increase efficacy on reviewing process through systemization of objective, quantitative assessment standards.

Limit Strategy

Early form of Limit strategy classified customers by single cohort and give the same credit limit according to the financial companies' guidelines. Recent limit strategy took a leap forward and considers personal credit ratings to estimate risk rate and expected repayment rate.

Pricing Strategy

Assigns different interest rate based on customer's credit ratings: prime rate for good customers and high interest rate for bad customers with high risk. By sorting out good customers, this strategy will lead to reduction in inadequacy rate and increase in revenue.