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BSS (Behavior Scoring System)

Measures the default rate based on the customer's (periodical and non-periodical) repayment pattern. Unlike Application Scoring System (ASS), BSS determines whether a customer is good or bad by analyzing repayment pattern over the period of post-loan execution to a specific point (or to certain months after credit card issue). Equipped with integrated evaluation of billed payment on the specific period, this versatile tool is applicable throughout Overdue strategy, Limit / Interest Rate strategy, Extension strategy and so forth.

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Application Strategy
Debt maturity extension Strategy

"A strategy related to reducing inadequacy rate and increasing profit by re-assessing customer's credit ratings at the point of debt maturity. This will decide loan extension, extended credit limit and interest rate adjustment.
Customer's repayment pattern, credit ratings and current transaction status are statistically analyzed based on indices such as expected repayment rate, collection rate and expected loss ratio. The customers are then grouped according to the statistical outcomes."

Limit / Interest rate adjustment Strategy

A strategy used to assess customer's loyalty and credit ratings based on the customer's repayment pattern and current status, such as loan status, delinquency rate, loan balance. Good customers with dedicated loyalty and high credit ratings may receive prime rate and advance in limit, and bad customers the opposite.