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RSS (Recovery Scoring System)

Measures a customer's repayment pattern, collectibility based on external credit data and others at the point of collection channel allocation. In general, the scoring process is calculated at the point of declaration of default, after loan execution. In order to increase debt collection rate of overdue bonds, one should carry out quantity distribution adjustment, collect action decision, and performance measurement according to the difficulty of bond collection level. These basic information will lead to strategy optimization and cost reduction in debt collection management.

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Application Strategy
Overdue management Strategy

Statistically analyzes a customer's situational pattern, credit ratings and current transaction status and accordingly subdivides customer groups. Subdivision process involves indices that are directly related to efficiency of delinquency management: the customer's debt collection rate, delinquency rate and expected days to collection. Detailed applications would include allocation and action strategy and target/commission/reduction strategy.

Management Scorecard

A method to recalculate changes in action or short-term collection data after the first allocation. In general, score is calculated when the expected date to repayment (determined at first allocation) has passed at the moment. Management steps will change according to the score blocks.

BTTC(Best Time to Call)

A strategy to hoist call success rate by calculating best time to contact individual customers. For this strategy, overall contact information such as effective calls, time, and connection information is used. Recent studies involve big data analysis for improving accuracy.

Early Allocation to Collection channel

Estimates prioritized stocks that need to be allocated based on external CB information and repayment history of overdue bonds. These estimated stocks are allocated to short-term collection center in the middle of a month. This strategy lets the preexisting stocks to be allocated in the beginning of a month so that the allocation period may be facilitated and evenly-distributed. The Early Allocation Classification model will lead to high efficiency and collection rate of the stock management in short-term collection centers.

Payment Trigger

Supports counselors through facilitating access to customers' recent payment pattern, resulting in faster stock-related information gathering time and stronger concentration on collection activities. This will ultimately result in boosting the counselors' work efficiency and reduction in cost for short-term collection centers.

Call Process Navigator (Best-Process Agent Optimization Process)

Improve your call center's job performance by extracting outstanding counselor's debt repayment process and providing it to other counselors as guidelines.