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Polaris Credit Viewer
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Polaris Credit Viewer

This strategy management system supports you to establish sound credit score and effective strategy in line with your customer's demand and market trend. Polaris Credit Viewer not only provides digitized data of customers and market, but also will support you to make right decision based on comparing prior strategic operation and current situation.

Key features

Polaris Credit Viewer consists of i) Scoring Management System, ii) Strategy Management System, and iii) Operating Rule Engine. It can provide objective risk analysis, predictive modeling of default, and monitoring function for detailed analysis. Further, anyone will feel comfortable using Polaris Credit Viewer through easy UI.

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Rule-based Scoring/Strategy operating engines run scoring model and strategy tree. This main process is responsible for gathering basic information input and creating score and strategy actions. The outcome of rules will be re-used as analytic data for establishing customer countermeasures.

1. Scoring Management System
2. Strategy Management System
3. Operating Rule Engine

Rule-based Management System (RBMS) applies optimal rules to each stage: Filtering after data collection, Score and Grade calculation, Credit limit determination, Interest rate determination. Further, RBMS supports employees with strategy rule management system, providing direct operation on rule information management.

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4. Expectations