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Collection Efficiency Supporting System (CESS)

A system for efficient management of overdue bonds. This user-centered system is equipped with handy operation and control on model scoring management and operation strategy structure. Automated monitoring display will allow you to run result analysis anytime you want, and minimize exposed risk by establishing and developing response measures on the fly.

Key features

CESS consists of 5 framework: CESS Engine, Operating System, Reporting System, Monitoring System, Simulation System.

CESS Engine: Makes strategic decision on allocation/bond management
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Operating System: Scoring / Strategy Rule management

"Consists of:
- 'Filtering management': manages exceptions
- 'Scorecard management': identifies scorecards and manages features extraction
- 'Strategy tree': manages compositions of strategy tree and strategy keys"

Reporting System: Execution result analysis

Provides tables and graphs for continuous feedback on performance and stability of scorecards and strategic changes.

Monitoring System: Scoring / Strategy model analysis

Analyzes performance based on results of score and strategy. Daily/Monthly report on stability and current state of each scorecard and strategy is also available. Further, you will be able to trace strategy operation outcomes of each individual's account.

Simulation System: Work-rule simulation

Executes simulation with score/strategy adjustments and runs monitoring analysis on the simulation. Simulation system will guide you to build optimal model by predicting possible problems and positive effects.

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Key features

Intuitive UI for easy write/edit mode for score and strategy

User-centered comfortable display panel

Visual charts and graphs

Chart organization for facilitated information analysis

Visual graphs in accordance with analysis purpose

Easy task performance with SQL query Input / Creator

Upload/Download to Excel

Flexible rule management and tactics operation

Materialize non-stereotypical strategy and manage it with flexibility

Effective strategic application with Champion & Challenger tactics

Instant update on edits in Action (grade, approval, reject, etc.)

Various report forms available

Facilitated analysis with standardized report for every monitoring purpose

Early detection of stability and function of scoring/strategy


"For qualitative matter: efficient management effect of bond-related task For quantitative matter: cost reduction in bond management"

Active response to customers in accordance with market situation changes

Increased transparency in bond-related task performance