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Advanced Risk Index System (ARIS)

Advanced Risk Index System (ARIS) will support you to reach risk management optimization. Using ARIS, construct an objective, comprehensive assessment system for asset adequacy on inter-enterprise level. On the external level, obtain precise information on the market trend and your company's current position in the market.

Key features

ARIS consists of MODEL & INDEX and DASHBOARD. MODEL & INDEX allows you to systematically analyze asset quality and market trend; you can integrate and manage the analyzed data via DASHBOARD.

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RISK INDEX : Integration of calculated indices that are related to asset adequacy. This will facilitate your understanding of asset risk level in a more intuitive way.

FORECASTING MODEL : Anticipates directivity and durability of future risk by building a model based on preceding variables to various information (Solvency Ratio / Macro Index / Market Index)

MARKET REPORT : Provides trend in market and rival companies, your company's position within market, and thorough information on customer properties. Market report will be a great support on responding to skittish market situation.

MACRO INDEX : Provides whereabouts and prospects of household credit market's credit activities and its integrity, using Macro Indicator and Micro Indicator.


Aims to improve risk response capability by providing Contingency Plan settings. This setting will activate if risk symptoms are predicted through indices using internal-/external indicators or FORECASTING.


Effective management over internal assets and agile response to external circumstances. This will ultimately result in your company's risk reduction, profit increment and higher efficiency in asset portfolio management.

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